Moving in Mexico

Today I moved house, something that we always think is stressful, time consuming and awful. Somehow Mexico makes things like that easy. A week ago I popped to the local market and bought a load of cardboard boxes that the sellers no longer needed. I wandered to the stationary store and got some bubble wrap and a wonderful friend gave me some newspaper. So with everything I needed bought for about £3/$5USD, I packed up my stuff. Today at 10am the removal guys arrived and worked their magic. They managed to fit all my possessions collected over the last 2 years into their van, fitting it all together like a jigsaw puzzle. An hour and £30/$50 later everything was settled in my new place; simple, stress-free and quick. I love Mexico!


Moving 2

Photo by Pacific SailorsI am a travel writer and blogger who specialises in all things Mexican. My work has been featured in The Metro UK, The Mexican Londoner, Banderas News and Wayak. You can contact me by email, info [at] mexicoretold [dot] com or join me on Facebook and Twitter.


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