Mexico Retold- Proud Collaborator in 2015 Dual Year, Mexico-UK


Me posing as a Beefeater in the Zocalo, Mexico City

2015 is an exciting year in the relations of my two favourite countries, Mexico and the UK. Last week I met with the Mexican Embassy in London to discuss the wealth of events coming up for what is being called the Dual Year of Mexico and the UK. Initially, the year was all about celebrating culture, but since the two countries have been increasing trade and other links it was decided that activities would be expanded to also cover investment, trade and tourism as well as science, education and innovation. Basically, it means that there are going to be lots of interesting events in both countries and hopefully some great new links made. Having been given a sneak preview to some of the events in the UK, I can tell you that Brits are in for a treat. Expect Mexican cultural events all year round and some top Mexican names making an appearance!

In terms of culture, the Mexican embassy will be celebrating both the rich traditions and cultures of Mexico as well as exciting contemporary artists and authors the country has to offer. I will be collaborating with the Mexican Embassy during the coming year, and will share news of events in the UK and Mexico so watch this space.

For more information on the events in the UK check here and check here events happening in Mexico


Photo Credit: Nikhol Esteras Photography
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