Quiz: Day of the Dead- How Much do you Know?

Day of the Dead is a fascinating and special time of year in Mexico, but how much do you know about this iconically Mexican festival?


Photo by Pacific SailorsI am a travel writer and blogger who specialises in all things Mexican. My work has been featured in The Metro UK, The Mexican Londoner, Banderas News and Wayak. You can contact me by email, info [at] mexicoretold [dot] com or join me on Facebook and Twitter.



9 thoughts on “Quiz: Day of the Dead- How Much do you Know?

  1. I got 70%!! This is one of the celebrations that drew me to the Mexican culture. I have since made it part of my life and it is very meaningful to me. Great little quiz and I’m pretty impressed with myself!

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  3. I am sure you know that “Catrina” is not a name, it means “fancy or elegant” as Guadalupe Posadas would dress his skeletons in the best of outfits and call them “Catrines y Catrinas” only the female name survived though.

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